Hope Dances Outreach Program

What is Hope Dances?


Hope Dances is a 3 branch, dance education program with the mission to improve the quality of life and open a world of possibilities for its participants.

New Glory


Our New Glory division of Hope Dances was created to help improve the quality of life, mobility, and brain function in our senior community. Using dance based activities we offer its participants the opportunity to get moving in a safe and productive manner while lifting their spirits, keeping them social, and stimulating several areas of the brain. This program is currently being developed for a local senior living facility and can be adapted to the ability of each of its participants.

Hope Dances - Special Needs Division


Many able children have access the ability to enjoy the many offering this world has to offer. Often our children that live with developmental or physical disabilities have limited access to programs that could have a profound impact on their lives and futures. The Hope Dances namesake program was began by dance photographer, Brian Mengini, and is now the main out reach for Allegory Dance Theatre. In partnership with a local dance studio, Hope Dances will provide dance and music classes to children with developmental and physical disabilities. Each class is organized based on the needs of its participants.

Dance for Dreams


Dreams are the things that the future is made of. There are so many teens in the world in and in the southern New Jersey area with little to no access to the arts and arts training. Dance for Dreams is a workshop program that brings high quality workshops to underprivileged teens.  

Want to Participate?


All of our outreach programs are in development and are awaiting their start dates. Please join our mailing list and follow us on social media for the latest information. 

Want to Help?


We are always looking for volunteers and donations to assist in producing our outreach programs. Your generosity will help to have a positive impact on the surrounding community and the lives of all those involved. To volunteer or donate please email: Allegory.Dance@gmail.com for more information